5 FAILED Battle Royale Games That DROPPED THE BALL Completely | Chaos - mini-play.net

5 FAILED Battle Royale Games That DROPPED THE BALL Completely | Chaos

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These BR games had a chance and dropped the ball!
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Video uploaded by Chaosxsilencer

About Chaos:
Welcome to Chaos, previously known as chaosxsilencer. Home to video game Top 10’s, Top 5’s, Fortnite, BO3, BO4, GTA, COD, Easter Egg videos and much more!

5 FAILED Battle Royale Games That DROPPED THE BALL Completely | Chaos



  1. Do u want to know what i want to know is why chaos always complains about cod points and how expensive they are. But yet he owns a whole buch of fortnite skins and those things are preaty expensive

  2. Blackout gameplay was shown in the trailer, you’re a dh

  3. Literally there’s a new trailer for BO4 with blackout in it lmao

  4. Or we could just skip to 7:21 & enjoy that part of the video instead of sitting through the BR BS before it.

  5. What about the culling 2? It crashed and burned immediately

  6. I want the ps4 to play fortnite and other games I love that I cant play!! @baby_ray21

  7. That is the main reason CSGO is the best

  8. It's unfair to put blackout on the list you just couldn't think of a number 4

  9. Dude if it’s not fortnite you don’t like it do you?

  10. I want to win the PS4 so i can play Fortnite with my friends and it would be my first current gen console. My twitter is @TheRealAkroo

  11. i love your channel i really want to win this ps4 to play fortnite please @jimibobs

  12. Bo4 didn’t fail it does cost 60 dollars and dlcs are included but the blackout mode will be awesome

  13. I want to literally evaporate and die says:

    I broke the record for eating most doritos while gaming.

  14. I would love to win the ps4 to give my kids. @DSBJLongshot

  15. I want a new PS4 because my old one broke and I’m a try hard in games like fortnite and rainbow my Twitter is @hairlinedestro1

  16. My gaming record is being the least luckiest person in fortnite.

  17. I want the ps4 because mine brokkkeee 😢. My Twitter is @mendiola0312

  18. I want to win the PS4 because I don’t have one. My Twitter is: @MiamiCRC

  19. I really want to win a ps4 because i have no other way to afford a ps4 is better than an xbox.I want to win it to play with together with my brother and my friends if they have a ps4 too.Maybe I could finnaly play fortnite and destiny 2.My Twitter Is @KnightIcicle

  20. I was camping for 4 days and did not get to see ur videos chaos

  21. I honestly expected The Culling to be on the list.

  22. The reason I want to win the ps4 because all my other friends has it and I have a Xbox and sometime I want to play with them but I can't so can I please win and my Twitter is @boss_life

  23. dude seriously??? blackout , you didn't evenplay it dude

  24. HI CHAOS! I want a PS4 because all my school friends have one and I just broke my Xbox😢😢 So I also wanted to switch consoles so badly. I love how PS4 has PS Now so I can play all the OG PS3 games up there, even though I heard the controls weren't that good. I used to play PS3, then it got overrun by hackers, so I'm really looking forward to a new PS4 so I can start playing some Fortnite duos!😀 Maybe we can play together. Hehe, we'll see. Hope I win!🤓
    -Twitter: SplashTeamV2

  25. I just couldn't take the video seriously when you put H1Z1 and PUBG on the top 2 spots

  26. In the description it says 'All music credits will be inserted here'……where then dude ? Song name please ?

  27. The record was broken in like a day or 2 its 58 kills now

  28. 5 battle royale games that aren't fortnite is what this video should be called

  29. I got the worldrecord for the suckiest player in fortnite… 🙁

  30. h1z1 didnt fail it just died because of pubg and fortnite

  31. Why the f*c* is PUBG on here I play it is the best

  32. it was just another BR game like plenty more before it. the genre is tough and you really need to bring something unique to the table alot of games failed such as these https://youtu.be/xA-fCAt9nZI

  33. This video just talks about the various games in a vague tone and pubg & blackout still have healthy player bases 💁🏻

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