32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja - mini-play.net

32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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  1. I like how bad everyone is in fortnite back them

  2. I don’t care Prime Fortnite is the greatest game of all time

  3. This is probably the most wholesome he has ever been playing Fortnite.

  4. Used to play constantly with my friends. Even though I was, and probably still am, the worst fortnite player it was probably the most fun I've ever had with a game.

  5. I feel like fortnite is just dragging the game now. Like most parts of the story now are from another universe or something. I wish fortnite was still creative

  6. Good old days when no one was building so Rocket Launcher was the most OP gun ever

  7. If you're still watching this in 2021 you're not a legend, you're a FOOL

  8. the amount of times ive rewatched this is not even funny

  9. Back when there was no such thing as a "Fortnite kid"

  10. Why can't we all return the good times where we wouldn't have to build 5 star hotels to stay alive also be like Ninja and complement people it wouldn't kill ya

  11. Can’t such a great game turned into what it is now.. at one point it was the greatest game ever made.

  12. I miss these times so much bro it was the best game ever 🤍

  13. This video is a throwback to when I was happy

  14. epic needs to add a version of Fortnite to go back to the old seasons

  15. Ninja and Tfue will always be better than Mongraal and Bugha

  16. รักนะครับ

  17. Fortnite was sooo different from now the atmosphere the emotions the game shit that have been removed, God i miss those days I remember i one my first match w 6 kills and I was shaking, and I'm not capping my legs were shaking it was like season 5, fortnite was different now ppl hate it but everyone has played it atleast once, the community was different and everything was like fortnite this fortnite that at school you used to do fortnite dances and couldn't wait till you go home to play fortnite w your friend god I miss those days especially bc I was a noob In my first 3 seasons, I dknt know how to say everything I felt its just hard to say how many things were different

  18. I wish i played it back then. It looked so different and strange

  19. how many victories have you made in all?

  20. Some times nostalgia is the best feeling in the world.

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