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2v1 (Clash Royale) 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Picking the CHEAPEST cards on the left and picking the most EXPENSIVE cards on the right in 2v2 challenge. ZERO LOSSES (except 2 losses)

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  1. Oj can i join your clan please 🥺🥺 my trophy is 4756 and i m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  2. I done this before. You can build the perfect 16 card deck. So much fun.

  3. 8:19 they did a goblin drill right there ? (and oj doing tombstone into earthqueak…)

  4. If you're in overtime,everything in the pocket🤣

  5. I just wanna let anyone else who sees this know that God loves them and that it’s not too late to give their loves to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior 🙏 ❤️✝️

  6. I did this but I was playing with my brother his phone died and I was by myself and when he got his phone charging I had won it and he said I was the best player he knew

  7. Play Godzilla battle line it's a godzilla card stagety game

  8. I love him playing 1v2 man. So juicy

  9. that still 2 vs 2.. i this 1 castel vs 2 castle 🙄

  10. You the best gamer, the video quality is excellent well done

  11. I recommended this to you way back, glad to see it being done

  12. Can you make a video playing nova island? QQ

  13. at 7:34 he says he chooses guards but actually choses goblins thus breaking the rules of the game … not hating lol

  14. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life u can either choose to run to jesus or not but whatever u do is ur choice

  15. Do the same thing u did, except choose only the right row or only left, for both

  16. Opponent: Pumps Up

  17. I could never see oj ever raging or rage quitting.

  18. plot twist: he just wanted to flex his 2 ipads lmao

  19. idk whats crazier hes winning a 2v1 or that he can play with 2 tablets at the same time.

  20. 7:38 he said lighting was more expensive but i didn’t appear yet

  21. It isn't you or us panicking, it's our panicking

  22. IDK why but i like it when people use hand cam it just shows how thre set up is

  23. Nova island is very similar to inscryption just by looking at what u said

  24. when girls say boys can´t do two things at once

  25. Does anyone know what iPad that is? I'm really looking for a good one for playing mobile games (CODM, Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, etc.)


    When you are playing 1v2 is more easy because it's easier to control all that cards

  27. It’s easy much easier when you know how to play because most of your teammates are noobs

  28. I mean its OJ, he technically counts as 2 players because of how big brain he is

  29. Man whoever is playing with you, he has 100 chemistry with you.

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