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25 Cards Almost Added to Clash Royale

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25 Cards Almost Added To Clash Royale – Havoc Gaming
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Today we’ll be discussing some 25 Cards that were Almost Added to Clash Royale! (beta cards, unreleased cards, killed cards) This includes the mega Pekka, beta minions, a couple of spawners.. and more!

0:00 Intro
0:28 Last Lava Pup
1:33 Gunner
1:54 Elite Archers
2:53 – Ice Wizard Tower
3:21 – Beta Minions
4:15 – Hologram Tower
4:45 – Ancient Minion
5:12 Portal Spell
5:47 – Flower
6:48 – Charger
7:18 – Barbarian Launcher
7:47 – Caravan
8:35 – Gift Spell
9:02 – Mega Pekka
9:59 – Dart Barrel
10:45 – Bear Trap
11:41 – Chain Tesla
12:17 – Butterfly Spell
12:42 – Dark Mirror
13:19 – Trojan horse
14:20 – Elite Barbarian Hut
14:47 – Original Ghost
15:27 – Ice Spirit Hut
15:40 – Dragon
16:20 – Wolf Rider
17:11 – Conclusion

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  1. 1.mighty miner drops a bomb when he goes to other side
    2.portal needs to cost more because you can do a huge army and send princess tower or save your units
    3.ice wizard tower is so cool

  2. Flower was probably smth like the plants vs zombies plant that eats things and just kills them once it ate them and resets after it eats the thing for Abt 30 seconds maybe

  3. Love how the barb launcher turned into evolved motor that shoots goblins

  4. What's the difference between the Mirror and the Dark Mirror?

  5. Trojan Horse is more similar to Skeleton Barrel.
    Goes to opponent side, they open it up, boom, sudden army.

  6. Instead of Elite Barbarian Hut, they had Elite Barbarian season challenge.

  7. Dragon could be a challenge similar to the archer queen where you have to deal the most damage in the middle and it'll fight for you.

  8. Seems like Gunner turned into a Musketeer.

  9. We need some new shit asap I got everything and the game getting boring now

  10. Flower – I bet it eats and one shot kills units with a long recharge time. But the problem is larger units could be surprise killed at a scale much worse than a rocket or something could do.

  11. dragon is to big but similar to the pheonix to me

  12. Elixir spirit, costs 0 elixir gives opponent 1 elixir when it dies🤷‍♂️

  13. funny to think that barbarian launcher was crazy, but today we have the evolution of the mortar

  14. Remember that clash royale evolution still on going so sneaky archer will be added

  15. The mega pekka is pekka evolution😱😱
    25 cycles
    0 cycles with diamond pass

  16. Just imagine a giant Pekka with the health of a golem going straight to your tower and dealing over 1000 damage in one hit 💀💀

  17. The flower looks purple, maybe it ate cards and gave half the elixir it costs or all the elixir

  18. I have a lot of idea to make a new card in clash royale


    Legendary troops cost 6 elixir

    FlameT can make fire area and can up heat damage like inferno tower and little bit tanky troop

    2.sniper archer

    Legendary troop cost 3 elixir

    Sniper arch can long range same like legendary princess but shoot 1 target and little big damage than legendary princess

    3. The girl with gun and sword (i dont know her name)

    Rare troop cost 4 elixir

    This troop can shoot enemy troop with gun and if enemy get close, this troop use sword and make full attack speed to enemy and the enemy troop far, the troop back use gun again

    4. Shield spell

    Legendary spell cost 4 elixir

    If you drop the spell to ally troop, this troop can make a white barrier shield and immune to all attacks for 3 seconds

    5. Swinging sword tower (like a fan with 4 blade)

    Epic tower cost 4 elixir

    This tanky tower can spinning the blade if enemy troop close to it and explode when the tower destroyed

    I have many idea to make a new troop in clash royale if you want to hear it✌🏼

  19. I like how now we have the archer queen and her ability is to go invisible

  20. That super mini pekka ruined the game for me i stopped playing for a while around that time but it didn't ruin the whole game but supercell didn't exactly improve it the evolution of the royale giant gives it RECOIL damage so it does enough damage to kill an entire skarmy ever second every time it shoots it does alot of damage even below lvl 14 in 2v2 the lvl 11 royale giant kills all swarmer type troops in one hit meaning only building and high damage or and tanks could counter so if you have 3 elixrr and play a skarmy or goblin gang at that point it would be better to just tank the damage

  21. Actually the baby dragon was an earlier development it may have been the case but later on supercell did say they were going to add the dragon but it was too big so they made the ELECTRO DRAGON instead

  22. Butterflys into a tornado? Now, where did i hear that before? I hope this doesn't lead into time travel shenanigans.

  23. The butterfly thing would be so easy to make, it's like 2 elixir, and essentially summons 0 damage clones.

  24. Flower reminds me of the COC “friendly” flower in design

  25. Man watching these today. This could be new evolutions in a few weeks.

  26. I feel like the gift spell would be good but make 3 variations of it one that uses a random spell, one deploys a random troop or air card, and one that deploys a random building.

  27. Lmao elite archer is now on the game lol 😂

  28. Bro how everyone miss how on the flower they put a sml clip😂😂😂

  29. There should be a spell shield!! Lasts about 5 seconds and has immunity of spells in an area about the size of the arrows radius.

  30. Looks like chomper from pvz
    Or like.. flowey Ig?

  31. Bro has boy on his name so you are probably -1 year old💀💀💀 anyway i don't care eather


  32. A slowly rolling building like the caravan/trojan horse wouldve been amazing, i suppose we have the cannon cart but… yea

  33. I think the Butterfly effect is the explanation for the inspiration of tornado spell. A butterfly flapping it's wings somewhere might cause a tornado in some other place

  34. Speaking of magic archer I’ve found him as evidence of smudging he’s a very high arena card yet I’m in pekka playhouse but almost everyone has him

  35. 10:42 almost looks like the dart goblin came out of the barrel with how its face looks

  36. I love how he pulled out Jackie Chu from sml😂😂

  37. They should make a treasure goblin, so the card targets the tower and it steals elixir and throws it in its sack, making you get the elixir instead of the enemy

  38. havoc in a nutshell
    if it aint look the same, it aint the same concept.

  39. Drop your barbarian launcher comments here 😂

    FYI : it’s a temporary card

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