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20 Quick Tips! | Kings Cup Exclusive | Clash Royale

Orange Juice Gaming
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20+ Tech Tips for Clash Royale. First look on my channel before it’s featured during Kings Cup!
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  1. plz upload a video of using and countering ice golem and dart goblin

  2. 1:44 oj said it will get no stabs but it got 2 stab

    1:47 oj said 2 stabs but it got 3 stabs

  3. I’m interested for the mega knight counter

  4. 1:52 "They'll get two stabs on the tower."
    They Procced To Get Three

  5. I try these tips but it usually doesn’t end up working out cause my apponent usually puts a support card like a wizard instead of just one card

  6. Blue: spawns giant.
    Red: spawns pekka.
    Blue: kites the pekka to the other tower.
    Red: mirrors pekka in front of the giant.
    Blue: surprised pikachu face

  7. Crazy coincidence happened yesterday where I did normal battle in a Arena 13 and when I watched the replay, I realized that my and my opponent had the same deck! AND EACH TROOP AND THE SAME LEVELS AS MINE! For example, we both had E-wiz which were lvl 11. And ice spirit level 13, ect! Mind-blowing, right?

  8. “If you place goblins dead center, they will only get one stab” as the video plays and the goblins get 2 stabs lol.

  9. You miss counted the goblin stabs when plated at the bridge

  10. TIP:when a person use skeleton army then use a barb barrell

  11. When the goblins get 2 and 3 stabs instead of 1 and 2.

  12. OJ: Use tornado to push the pekka into the other lane
    Season 11: No, I don’t think I will

  13. Learnt a new thing. Goblin gang counters mega knight

  14. 1:46 OJ can't count confirmed.. First one got 2 stabs second one got 3 lol

  15. When I watch an old oj video from 3 years ago…

  16. When u could pull the pekka with tornado without activating king: ahh the old. Days

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