150 Clash Royale Facts YOU Should Know! (2020 Updated) - mini-play.net

150 Clash Royale Facts YOU Should Know! (2020 Updated)

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150 Clash Royale Facts YOU Should Know! (2020 Updated) – Havoc Gaming
Things You Didn’t Know About Clash Royale! From Secrets, Tips to Hacks and Basic Facts!

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  1. วินนี่วินจัย says:

    I don’t know where to put And I don’t have discord,
    If a mother witch use her skills on skeleton king’s skely it’ll be a ghost hog instead of regular one

  2. U got the title of this video wrong it should be 150 only things OGs remember

  3. 150 Clash Royale Facts YOU Should Know!
    Me: I definitely needed to know that.

  4. Y know, im from vietnam and i can still play Clash Royal

  5. Is it only me who thinks the Mini P.E.K.K.A's deeper voice is horrifying?

  6. I was recently in a round with a player with a colored name that was green and pink

  7. royal ghost behind a hunter straight at the princess tower is a crown

  8. Some of these are interesting, a lot of them are useless filler such as its impossible to have negative trophies, like was that REALLY worth adding

  9. when vietnam is banned from clash royale, and i’m from vietnam and i have it…

  10. 9:42 The Japanese players are also uses the initial of these card rarity like N(Normal),R(Rare),SR(Super Rare)and UR(Ultra Rare)

  11. Did you know: The royal hogs description says at the end “Who let the hogs out?” Referencing the song “Who let the dogs out?”

  12. I wanna see the clash royal commercials that aired in different countries

  13. Princess and Ice wizard was the first legendary cards to be released and could have been upgraded to level 5, epics level 8, rares level 11 and commons level 13. The good old days.

  14. I live in vietnam but i can download clash royale by apk but not clash of clans so i am sad but anyway i sub to you

  15. havoc : the zappies is the only non legendary card that falls from the sky
    royal delivery : imma end this man's whole carreer

  16. royale delivery isnt a leg eithwr but it also falls from the sky

  17. Also in the electro valley At the Top left you can see a Cactus that was also from Brawl stars.

  18. Here is a fact that none of you knew: if you use the ,, Russia" alphabet and write дрил? it will censor it

  19. This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million Kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the Kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan would have to fight off 14 kangaroos

  20. 2:34 probaby supercell is know before that is gonna make on december 2018 bs global on octomber 2018 i say that they think but after that fact for my is more creeapy then before i mean with old mini pekka because the coc beta like how sounds is make troops on coc is creeapy for my.

  21. Here's a clash royal fact of you maxed every card in training camp you will be a lvl 11 king tower

  22. When my friend watch this and his dad come back with milk 😨

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