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12 Best Battle Royale Games for Low End PC

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12 Best Battle Royale Games for Low End PC | Free BR Games for Low Spec PC

Video by Game_track

Hi and Welcome back to Game_track. This video shows some of the best free br games for low end pc. All the gameplay clips shown in this video were recorded by me using Shadowplay. I hope that this video will be helpful for you. Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Bruh cuisine royale i cant play i dont meet requirement i want play, but it bottlenecks like 5 generation, i got gtx 550 ti my pc 8 year old

  2. PUBG lite low spec, overtaken by hackers, officially dead. Yes a nice thing to add in the list

  3. Lol cuisine royale and realm royale need a beast mode pc.
    Even 8 gb ram isn't enough.

  4. I have a High end PC
    I am here bcoz I don't have that much internet to download the newly released games 🙁

  5. Yeah that's right. Battle Royale games is meant to be played behind a Mouse and a keyboard. It's way less fun playing on phones. Hands get sweaty, phone calls and messages keeps popping up in front of the screen, misfiring, mis pressing buttons etc. Tons of battleground games are emerging. But I can’t play them all as a lot of them are just garbage. These are brilliant games. Each was worth a look. I found this video on the suggestions, so before I click on it, I'm leaving the link here:


  6. Even the name is Pubf Lite. My PC still can't run it

  7. How possible Cuisine royale become low end games?

    I believe u never play your recommended game.

  8. this video deserves millions likes.just loved it

  9. Ok bro. If Pubg and Cuisine Royale are for low end pc's then im not scared when playing phasmophobia

  10. The Dust is 1000000 times better than PUBG PC Lite 😂😂

  11. i want to play PUBG lite but i cant it says DX11 Feature level 10.0 required i have that but it is same error

  12. My PC 4gb ram Intel i5 2. Age but pubg lite is 10 fps

  13. i have a stupid 2ghz processor and intel GMA graphics and 4gb ram bit 64 windows 7 any battle royale games recomennded?

  14. pubg lite – cs danger warzone ، in low pc?
    are you joking with me?

  15. anyone please what game can i play with intel celeron N4000 1.10 GHz 64 bit operating system and 8gb ram and could the games be for free ???

  16. Me : searching for best battle royale games in lowend pc and clicking in this video.
    The video : Show pubg lite..
    Me : Bruh

  17. Pubg pc lite is a dead game
    No updates
    Paradise for hackers

  18. ok people are finding Good and popular games like everyone knows but That can run on a Laptop or a 1998 pc

  19. Everyone If your Finding a GAME for LAPTOPS DONt fucking click this video Its Titled PC not a FUCKING LAPTOP U FUCKING IDIOT

  20. ngl this is kind off a scam bruh how do u expect cs go to run on 2gb ram pc

  21. To all here trying to download pubg lite, its gone now.. devs stopped it

  22. Rip pubg lite 😖😖😖😖🥺😭😭

  23. Hey why didn't you shown Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) it is good battle royale game for low end PCs.

  24. try zula global on steam it has battle royale mode it's for low end pc

  25. cuisine royale is 0% low spec i mean its 8GB RAM how is that low spec

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