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11 Best Battle Royale Games Like FORTNITE on Mobile | Android & iOS Games Like Fortnite!

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Sadly, Fortnite doesn’t support mid/low end devices and a lot of gamers would love to play Fortnite on their phones, so today we’re counting 11 alternative battle royale games on Android & iOS that are pretty similar to the popular game “Fortnite”

in today’s video we’re covering probably the best Android & iOS games that have a lot of similarities to Fortnite, so if you have unsupported device that can’t run Fortnite then try one of these battle royale games that look like Fortnite!

“11 Best Battle royale Games Like FORTNITE on Mobile”

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0:00 intro


1:19 Creative Destruction
1:59 Cyber Hunter
2:32 Mad Battle Royale
3:01 Sausage Man
3:35 Rocket Royale
4:06 1v1 LOL
4:33 Eclipse Isle
5:03 Super Mecha Champions
5:48 Farlight 84
6:16 Ride Out Heroes
6:53 Omega Legends

7:22 Outro

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Thanks for watching! ❤

Plyzon ♛


  1. Intro song is stoled from wrestling empire 3d 🤣🤣

  2. Me playing Fortnite with mobile low graphics on my Mid end pc Haha Fps go Brrrrrrr

  3. Hey plyzon, are there any games you are playing right now? I personally enjoy Star Wars Battlefront 2 because its now free ind the epic games store.

  4. Farlight 84 is the new game in 2021😁😁

  5. Yay my comment was at the beggining again thx alot😁😁😁

  6. 1丂匚卂尺Ĺ乇ㄒ β乇卂丂ㄒ says:

    Love the new seriouse voice at the begining lol

  7. 1丂匚卂尺Ĺ乇ㄒ β乇卂丂ㄒ says:

    Awsome games
    Good quality+online=
    Epic gamers!!!

  8. Creative Destruction Is Nice Its Like More Like Fornite

  9. Omega Legends is my favourite it supports in any device😁

  10. Farlight 84 is unsupported in my device 😫😫

  11. He bro 1v1 io is best in your opinion for low end devices

  12. Farlight not on adroind its on console boi check right.🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  13. Creative destruction is shit it wont find any match for you. good thing im playing omega legends

  14. Can we play creative destruction on ps4 controller?

  15. Send me a friend request on Omega Legends Maskedwolf

  16. I miss u Creative destruction it is banned in India our president of India Modi i sucha bi**

  17. Thank you
    You helped me find a game fit for me

  18. Omega legends game dont have vehicles

  19. Creative destruction control is trash

  20. Ugh i hate creative destruction it doesn't even let me login it always stuck with a fucking symbol of C.D.

  21. I have 1v1 lol but they removed br i think

  22. The sausageman and omega legends is lagiing on my device lang crazy but my storage is so good

  23. I'm a Fortnite gamer on Xbox thank you!!!

  24. Omega legends are not in my region can yall tell me for which one region it work?

  25. In my opinion, Cyber Hunter copied cod mobile not fortnite

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