107 Fortnite Battle Royale Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard - mini-play.net

107 Fortnite Battle Royale Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard
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Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm becoming the most played game right now and shows no sign of slowing down. The Leaderboard brings you 107 facts about Fortnite Battle Royale. We unpack the gameplay, mechanics, updates, easter eggs. We’ll answer questions like when are we getting a new map, how much money has battlefront made, new possible modes and among so much more!

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  1. Man it is season 9 not season 4 but 4 is the best season

  2. Their is actually 108.
    The last fact is that it's hot steaming garbage

  3. I wish I had played save the word game sound fun

  4. Ya I would love if I see gameplay of my video games.

  5. fact 1 – 107 fortnite bad minecraft good

  6. You should add another one for Chapter 2 and do a timeline

  7. 11:31 idk if the 50 shield was grey back in the day, I started playing season 9, but why is it grey?

  8. 15:02 now there no players, can’t find a good squad battle to play any more.

  9. Who is watching in 2020
    And sadly watching this

  10. 108 : it sucks ass. no matter what anybody on earth says, it's one of the worst games in the whole of history.

  11. It's chapter 2 season 2 now, and can you make a part two, please

  12. Spoiler alert, dusty got hit. Also after season x which is season 10 there’s a new map.

  13. 11:09 some reason the 1st map I like better the most. Just miss the Sandy zone a lot. But the map right now not to bad. I like the challenge you get. And the little base Easter egg in the game. Good for squad mode and getting better gear. Or just fool around by being them.

  14. We all know this man only played 2 matches of Fortnite

  15. Who's watching in 2020 and misses all these little details

  16. Wow, V-Bucks are way more expensive in USA than UK. The maximum amount of V-Bucks for us cost £20 cheaper

  17. Fortnite is for babies
    Call of duty is for smart people
    Tf2…..IS FOR GODS

  18. 2017 fortnite "Yea wa ain't ditching save the world"

    2020 fortnite "Ight lets ditch save the world"

  19. The nostalgia that this video brings is amazing.

  20. Ohh man major throwback
    When times were simpler

  21. If only it was as good today as it was 3 years ago

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