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10 Games Battle Royale by Netease in 2018 (Android/IOS)

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10 Games Battle Royale by Netease in 2018 (Android/IOS)

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► Quantum Special Attack
► FortCraft
► Creative Destruction
► Knives Out
► Rules of Survival
► King Of Hunters
► Ride Out Heroes
► Cyber Hunter
► Eclipse Isle

in 2018

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  1. C.d. Ros(rules of survival)Cyber hunter until I played them all

  2. lol its just all desame ofc the game is good but full of cheater

  3. Creative destruction already not available on mobile it's quite frustrating cause i love that game so much 😔

  4. Buen vídeo bro!, Saludos desde Latinoamerica 😀

  5. Fonrt cart ko còn choi được nữa mà

  6. Fortcraft and creative destruction are the same game.
    Fortcraft was the alpha version and creative destruction is the full release
    Except C.D isn’t by Netease anymore

  7. Operation stormy island cuando sale? Algun spoiler

  8. Netease game nào cũng hay nhưng mỗi tội là mk chơi game nào cũng lag , từ game nhẹ tới game nặng , còn mấy game hãng khác dù 2,3gb thì vẫn chơi mượt như bình thường

  9. Bạn làm top game battleground mobile 500mb đi mà cho máy yếu nhé !

  10. Blades and sould mobile chưa có lớp sát thủ hả a?? E kím mãi ko thấy

  11. maybe they should consider to release some of this on console like PS4 which barelly had any BR games

  12. Fortcraft and cd are the same
    And cd is by netease games (for people who don't know , I've installed the official cd setup on my pc and it showed that the developer is actually netease)
    And quantum attack and cyber hunter are the same
    I got the official links for both of the games , and both links are same
    Have a good day! 😁

  13. Survival Royal = Knives Out
    Forcraft = C.D

  14. Cyber hunter is a top game, but it is unavailable now 😖


  16. Why the hell are they making a lot of battle royale games its unnecessary

  17. Netease battle royale best is creative destruction

  18. Im finding this game called king of hunters and i finally found it here.Thx so much

  19. Eclipse isle is the best but sadly they never did update it. I wish there will be a pc version of it.

  20. विक्रम जौशी सांथू says:


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