#1 Player with World Record 🏆 20199 TROPHIES 🏆 (Clash Royale) - mini-play.net

#1 Player with World Record 🏆 20199 TROPHIES 🏆 (Clash Royale)

Orange Juice Gaming
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Meet loulou, the highest trophy holder in Clash Royale History! Check out how the top player got over 20k trophies and his high level strategic gameplay. Special thanks to the Lizard King for this special episode!
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Discord: The Lizard King#4726
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  1. There's actually a small glitch with the badges, I played for like 3 years on my account, and now it just shows a 1 year badge

  2. Never ever seen OJ being so excited about anything 🤭😂

  3. nobody:
    literally nobody:
    oj: it's not even predicting the prediction, he predicted the prediction that he was going to predict.

  4. Loulou: places log on a skarmy


  5. Everything ur saying here is so bs I couldn’t watch 9:00

  6. 😀 So funny to watch Lou Lou playing like a fool. 😀

  7. Mohammed light watching like:
    IaM thE nUmbER 1 pLyeR iN thE wORld

  8. Can we also realize that this is probably the first golem night witch player

  9. It’s true because before you could drop no matter what and also if you aren’t in active

  10. OJ ironically commentary how great gameplay but we all know truth 👉👃

  11. pretty sure this guy used a glitch then he got banned

  12. my theory is, back when you could drop arenas, he climbed to 20k and then dropped back down

  13. A week ago i had 300 wins and 400+ three crown wins😆

  14. now when i go on stats royale the highest trophies player is only 9800

  15. loulou: *activates king tower*
    oj: what is this magical high level play?

  16. entertaining video, also cool ovo sweatshirt. That things fire

  17. I see why he activated king tower there. It was because he wanted cloned troops to stay alive

  18. Omg, do you think he could teach me?

  19. how loulou can be that bad at a game and still be number 1

  20. He said number 1 but he’s number 1 😂

  21. Loulou: takes two steps
    OJ he predicted that his foot would move probably

  22. Mine only says I've played for 3 years but I remember the first 2 legendaries in the game

  23. i could earn a fortune by getting a dollar every time OJ says "world" in this video

  24. Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this video. It was ridiculous how high loulou was so I thought it would be fun to spice up the vid with absurd replays. I asked Loulou if he would be okay with super sarcastic commentary, he ended up loving the video!

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