🐍Snake Rivals! New 3D online PVP games including Battle Royale and Classic 🐍 - mini-play.net

🐍Snake Rivals! New 3D online PVP games including Battle Royale and Classic 🐍

Snake Rivals
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Snake and slither your way to become the king of snakes in this multiplayer battle arena!

Play with friends or solo in epic battles and fight to be the legendary last one standing in Battle Royale, or relax, build up your tactics and complete rewarding quests in Classic mode.

Customize your snake as you win rewards through weekly challenges, level up and compete in games against players from all around the world or in the same room.


  1. Love this game as long as I don't get killed too much. ❤

  2. Im love snaker rivals in top 20 in italy

  3. I wondered that I could get some mastery when opening chests.

  4. Kindly visit my channel for more snake rivals video ^_^

  5. I rlly want a lot of gold like 200 pls give me it if u can I logged in with facebook

  6. Chicos este juego recién lo descargue 10de10 visiten mi canal estaré subiendo contenido bueno

  7. Yo soy de la temporada 1 y creo que subiré algún gameplay de snake

  8. I am a daily player and the biggest Snake Rivals can there is! Look for me out there! I am "Harry P Niss".. I'll be the one eating all the pellets you feed me 😁

  9. I love this game so much and I would like to get some money in the game because February of 2020 I accidentally pressed hook striker even though I was going to get dracarys the dragon and I've been trying to get more money by playing games but i only have 168 coins so I was maybe hoping that you would maybe on the first of August let me have a refund of 2000 coins because I worked really hard for it so please promise me you'll help me

  10. I have the game but can you help me with getting lost of money please

  11. ¿No podrías hacer que si alguien mata a alguien solo ese alguien pueda comerse la esencia?

  12. I like this game! I will Support it!
    Edit: idk what is support

  13. Hey I really want again dracoton snake, it's gona be avaliable? Pls

  14. anh ơi chĩ em thắt trò gắng ăn mồi

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